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The essentials...


$ 32 ea

Brie Baker

Glaze colors featured:  Yuengling, White/Ashe, Tuscan/Ashe, Chocolate Mint.  Also available in Sha Blue, Geneva's Blue and Ruby's Seaglass.  Each Brie Baker comes with instructions/recipe card.

Olivia Chip & Dip    $47.95

Soup/Chowder Bowl

$ 34.95 ea

Glaze colors shown are Yuengling, Chocolate 

Mint, Tuscan/Ashe.  Other options include

Ruby's Seaglass, Sha Blue, Geneva's Blue

& White/Ashe.


Glaze colors featured are Geneva's Blue and Yuengling. Other colors include White/Ashe, Sha Blue, Ruby's Seaglass, Tuscan/Ashe & Chocolate Mint.

Noodle Bowl   $32 ea 

Colors featured are Geneva's Blue. Other choices include Chocolate Mint, Ruby's Seaglass, Sha Blue, White/Ashe & Tuscan/Ashe.


Egg cooker

$ 22 ea

Use in the microwave to prepare scrambled eggs.   Each egg cooker comes with a wisk and instruction card.  Glaze colors shown are Ruby's Seaglass, Ruby's Seaglass, Tuscan/Ashe, & Yuengling.  Also available in Sha Blue, Chocolate Mint & Geneva's Blue 

Bacon Cooker    54.95

Colors featured (from left to right).  Sha Blue, Geneva's Blue,

Chocolate Mint & Yuengling.  Other colors include White/Ashe & Tuscan/Ashe. Includes instruction card.

We have gathered a few of our most popular wares and featured them here for your shopping convenience.  Each item is priced per unit and includes all shipping fees.  Indicate color choice during checkout and/or email.

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