By The Pond Collection - Our newest addition to our product line.  Using clay as the focal point, we combine carefully selected elements to create one of a kind jewelry pieces - using clay, metal, fabric, wood and accenting each design with beadwork. 

$14 - Clay Pendants

Jewelry items

   $38  (includes matching earrings) per set

   $22  Necklace

   $18  Earring set

   $14  Clay Pendent Necklace

All Jewelry items are shipped FREE with a gift box or bag and include an item description card.

Jewelry items are not available via "shopping cart" - please email us if you wish to order and take advantage of our FREE SHIPPING!

Item #1

Item #2

Item #3

Item #4

Item #5

Item #6

Item #7

Item #8

Item #9


A:   Williams Dr., Eagle Springs, NC

T:   910-986-2784/910-690-5383


Studio hours are by appointment only.

Monday - Friday 10 - 5

** Studio is currently closed to public due to Covid 19.  Shipping and pickup is still available

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