Our Holiday's Day Special!

Nothing says “Happy Holiday Day” better than a piece (or two) of North Carolina Pottery. We here at Mudd Pottery have created the perfect baking set for a perfect gift.
Our most popular item: The Brie Cheese Baker is paired with our “Cake-N-A-Cup. Anyone is sure to appreciate these two hand-made items, created with a loved one in mind.
The brie baker is designed as a “cook and serve” item for baking and serving brie cheese. Each brie baker comes with its own care and use instructions, along with sample brie cheese recipes.
The “Cake-N-A-Cup” is our newest creation which also comes with it's on recipe. The perfect gift for that person who just wants a little desert without having to spend hours baking. The “Cake-N-A-Cup” is an oversized mug that comes with its own recipes for creating a mouth-watering desert of fluffy gooiness that takes only minutes to create in the microwave. The oversize mug also doubles as an over-sized coffee mug – and can triple its use as a small soup mug. Each hand-made cup comes with its own care and use instructions, along with sample “Cake-N-A-Cup recipes.
For Holiday's Day, we are offering both these items for the special price of $37.50. This includes free shipping.
** Items are available in all of our signature glaze colors – you can pair the items in the same glaze color or mix/match them. See color choices on webpage or the colors in the photo attached with this post. You may order by contacting us through our website www.muddpottery.com or email us direct @ Muddpottery@gmail.com.
Thanks have a Blessed Day

** Since all of our items are hand-made, limit qualities are available until May, so please place your order today!!

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