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Autumn Collection

Our autumn collection has expanded this upcoming season.  If you're looking to add something special to your collection or your holiday table - or a special gift for someone this season - the hunt is over.  It's time to gather...

We present our timeless, handmade pieces to accent your home just in time for the big game, the big feast or to entertain the little "spooks" than might happen to drop by...

Items priced on this page include all shipping costs.  Once purchased, we will contact you about shipping intructions.

Large Leaf Chip n Dip
$ 74.95

Maple Leaf Chip n Dip


One of our most popular creations are our Witch themed candle lanterns.  This one-piece item is glazed in both our signature Black and Teal glazes.  Small tea-lite candles can be inserted in the back to create the glowing eyes and mouth.  Gather one of these early as we sell out fast!

Priced individually and includes all shipping costs.

Witch candle lantern
Soup/Chowder Bowl
$ 59.95

What better way to enjoy a fall evening by the fire than having a bowl of hot soup or chowder.

Our soup/chowder bowls are completely handmade - are microwaveable, dishwasher and oven safe.  

For our Autumn Collection we have chosen to feature these bowls in our signature Tuscan/Ashe Glaze.  This selection is priced for TWO bowls and includes shipping fees.

As the season approaches - check back often to discover the many new additions coming in 2023.  

Pottery ghost candle lantern
$ 42.95
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